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Significance Of Having Secondary Air Injection

Most people have their own perception that some of the systems in the car are not of importance even some sites have not made it clear on their function, not so many people know about the secondary air injection and its function, it was first introduced in the late ninety’s where other people may know it as the air injection which contains the secondary air valves and the secondary air pump which is basically considered as emission control of a car.

So that you can get a reliable cold start the petrol engine needs a rich mixture this, therefore, means the rich mixture will contain a lot of fuel which in turn has a large amount of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons which during the cold starting are produced, there is reduction of harmful substance being emitted when one uses the secondary air injection.

In most countries the secondary air injection is a must for every car so that it can attain the government emission standards, it is actually considered as a test for roadworthiness. With the use of the secondary air injection the environment is preserved this is because the emission of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbon is reduced.

In the process of the cold start fuel is needed and with the secondary air injection it helps to consume the excess fuel, this helps to avoid the catalytic converter to get into contact with the fuel, also the tailpipe emission is improved in the process. Also when the secondary air injection is used to prevent excess fuel from getting into contact with the catalytic converter then the reaction surface of the catalytic converter does not experience fouling this helps to improve the efficiency of the engine.
Damage of the exhaust system is prevented with the help of the secondary air injection where any accumulated water vapor is blown out which would make the system to freeze, and there is a necessity in this function because the system can detect when there are low temperatures in the engine.

Since the secondary air injection contains the secondary air valves they do help to ensure only fresh air gets in the exhaust and when fresh air does not get in it may destroy the secondary air pumps especially when there is no vacuum and this in turn will result to the engine being destroyed.

When the secondary air injection is used it is also helpful to human health this is because since it does reduce the emission of carbon monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbon, an individual does not consume this emission which are really harmful to one’s health.

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